Operating Systems

Operating systems are the core software elements that run computers. They take care of providing a consistent interface to the hardware resources of a computer. For most people, the operating system comes pre-installed on the computer at the time of purchase.

Over time, new programs are installed, old programs are removed, new settings are configured. This can lead to a highly customized system. This is great... as long as you know how to get back to the same configuration. Some backup systems will store these settings and restore them for you when you need them.

Over time, operating systems become cluttered with old and unused items. Systems may be unknowingly infected with viruses and malware roaming the internet. Whatever the cause, operating systems can get bogged down and not perform as optimally as when they were new and freshly installed.

For both of these reasons, I like to reinstall the operating system, from scratch, on a somewhat frequent basis. This way I know I only have the software install that I actively use, and I don't have anything installed that is bogging things down. This is also a good chance to make sure things are up to date. To help this process goes as quick and smooth as possible, I keep notes along the way. The first time can take a little longer, but after that the process is faster and the system stay stable longer.

This is also a list of some of the software I recommend. Enjoy!


Mac OS X