I've mentioned keeping good notes, and also a few things about making websites. These imply sharing that information. It helps to have some concrete steps for making information available. Here are some rough ones:

*2009.02.06 15:00:01 These are guidelines to use when getting a project ready to release for general distribution and use:

*2009.11.15 05:17:56 make sure project is under mercurial control (probably a given at this point)

*2008.10.15 16:02 Choose a license Include the license as part of the distribution. (add to version control system) MIT license is included. also [2010.06.23 23:11:03] consider adding the license to the start of each file, in case they get separated later.

I just add it in manually... this is also a good chance to review the source files in place and clean up anything that doesn't need to be there (old comments, old files, etc)

*2009.12.08 12:26:02 mercurial hosting google code mercurial - Google Search DVCSAnalysis - support - Analysis of Git and Mercurial - Project Hosting on Google Code Google Code Blog: Mercurial server-side clone support for Project Hosting on Google Code Google Code Blog: Mercurial support for Project Hosting on Google Code ConvertingSvnToHg - support - Moving a project from using Subversion for code hosting to Mercurial - Project Hosting on Google Code MercurialFAQ - support - Frequently asked questions about Mercurial. - Project Hosting on Google Code GettingStarted - support - A quick guide to getting started with project hosting on Google Code. - Project Hosting on Google Code

*2009.03.26 01:51:59 update HTML and prepare a new header

*2009.01.23 09:27:50 Spell check everything.

*2008.11.19 16:43:28 administrator/ sudo rm -rf code/lisp/.emacs.d/auto-save-list/ sudo rm -rf editors/emacs/.emacs.d/auto-save-list/

*2009.01.21 13:06:33 Make sure nothing private is mixed in: grep -ir private_tag *

*2009.01.23 13:17:09 python modules update information in of all modules (make sure README is in long_description = ) (good chance to update those with any changes made on public contextiskey site)

update version numbers of modules.

*2008.10.15 10:11 pylons for pose / pylons: remove any machine specific initialization files default should be generic and complete.

*2009.01.23 15:05:16 check in all changes to your version control system: hg stat hg add hg ci -m "changes before creating new instance"

*2009.01.23 13:21:48 create a new instance journal/new_instance.txt

*2008.11.19 16:46:19 create archives of different items: (tar & zip) export DATE=20090326 tar zcvf context-$DATE.tgz context/* zip -r context-$ context

(ignore the same files that mercurial ignores in .hgignore)

*2009.01.23 14:24:52 generate md5 hash signatures of files md5sum context-$DATE.tgz md5sum context-$

*2009.01.23 13:21:11 push content to hosting server

*2009.01.23 13:19:52 other references publish pose python pylons Distributing Your Project - Pylons Official Docs - PythonWeb