cd charles_b/external/python/
cd ipython-0.9.beta3
sudo python install

downloaded last weekend
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Documentation - IPython
IPython Documentation — IPython v0.9.beta3 documentation
Quick IPython tutorial — IPython v0.9.beta3 documentation
FAQ - IPython -- Enhanced Interactive Python with IPython

Please read the sections 'Initial Configuration' and 'Quick Tips' in the
IPython manual

looks like ipython requires readline library too... grrr.
To build/install readline 5.1:

gnutar xfvzp readline-5.1.tar.gz
cd readline-5.1
./configure --disable-shared --enable-static
sudo make install
cd ../readline-0.0.0
sudo python install

that got it!

installing iPython for better interactive shell.

python build
sudo python install

found references to iPython and installed that

bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » Python, Mac OS X, and Readline.

Download - IPython

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