For each active instance of emacs:

open up the file called instances.txt
make a new entry
(keywords describing what you're doing with the files that are open)
press M-x jp (journal print open file paths)
save it

also check the script for that context
describe the workspace state
and make sure everything open is noted there.

close emacs (repeat for any other emacs open)

previously [2009.01.15 16:00:43]

If on a machine with multiple workspaces or desktops,
it's probably easiest to update the todo list for that machine
to reflect each desktop's current task.

Now that desktops can be ordered, that order should reflect todo list priority.

Alternatively for a machine with multiple workspaces,
manually note which workspaces are open in a new journal entry:
[now] instances [system]

unmount any drives that are attached.
unplug cables

if possible, sync mercurial

or use TortoiseHG on windows (should have minimal repositories there)
(following does not work currently: [2010.08.26 10:57:14])
c:\c\scripts\ c:\c d:\

on posix systems
note uptime
make new entry for that.

jump. jump. jump.

phowa. release consciousness to buddha mind.

optionally, if online, check for software updates to your operating system
sometimes these are the actual trigger for a restart (shutdown)

if updates are taking too long, can restart then check for updates before launching again.