see also:
for javascript based editors

macdrive7 looks like the software needed to mount hfs+ on windows machines.
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this is the most up to date version of S5 that I found
S5 Reloaded • References

s5 presentations are now generated in pose
slide show - Google Search
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shoes is one for ruby

seems like I saw another one of these recently, can't remember where though

see also wxpython

both of these have been completed at some point
#2008.08.19 15:36
should be able to install everything offline via USB since ubuntu systems won't always have access

will also need good reference material available offline

#2008.07.07 09:11 virtualenv
configure a virtualenv (and in this case install pylons)
open source flash media player - Google Search
Flowplayer / Downloads
XSPF Web Music Player (Flash) - Plays MP3 on your website
XSPF A Better Way to Play MP3s on your site
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