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def html_parts(input_string, source_path=None, destination_path=None,
input_encoding='unicode', doctitle=1, initial_header_level=1):
Given an input string, returns a dictionary of HTML document parts.

Dictionary keys are the names of parts, and values are Unicode strings;
encoding is up to the client.


- `input_string`: A multi-line text string; required.
- `source_path`: Path to the source file or object. Optional, but useful
for diagnostic output (system messages).
- `destination_path`: Path to the file or object which will receive the
output; optional. Used for determining relative paths (stylesheets,
source links, etc.).
- `input_encoding`: The encoding of `input_string`. If it is an encoded
8-bit string, provide the correct encoding. If it is a Unicode string,
use "unicode", the default.
- `doctitle`: Disable the promotion of a lone top-level section title to
document title (and subsequent section title to document subtitle
promotion); enabled by default.
- `initial_header_level`: The initial level for header elements (e.g. 1
for "

overrides = {'input_encoding': input_encoding,
'doctitle_xform': doctitle,
'initial_header_level': initial_header_level}
parts = core.publish_parts(
source=input_string, source_path=source_path,
writer_name='html', settings_overrides=overrides)
return parts

def html_body(input_string, source_path=None, destination_path=None,
input_encoding='unicode', output_encoding='unicode',
doctitle=1, initial_header_level=1):
Given an input string, returns an HTML fragment as a string.

The return value is the contents of the element.

Parameters (see `html_parts()` for the remainder):

- `output_encoding`: The desired encoding of the output. If a Unicode
string is desired, use the default value of "unicode" .
parts = html_parts(
input_string=input_string, source_path=source_path,
input_encoding=input_encoding, doctitle=doctitle,
fragment = parts['html_body']
if output_encoding != 'unicode':
fragment = fragment.encode(output_encoding)
return fragment

def text2html(content):
not sure if there is a way to do this with docutils, but just want
to have html line breaks where there are new lines (\n ->
new = ''
for line in content.split('\n'):

#\s matches whitespace
#\S matches alphanumeric
#if it has characters, make it a 'line block'
if'\S', line):
new += "| " + line + '\n'
html = html_body(new)
return literal(html)
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paster serve --stop-daemon
paster make-config "SimpleSite==0.3.0" production.ini
paster make-config "ffm" production.ini

this picks up where installation leaves off

overlap is in starting server:

paster serve --reload development.ini

figure out how to run server as a daemon
pass --deamon to paster serve:
paster serve --daemon --reload development.ini
paster serve --daemon --reload production.ini

import pdb; pdb.set_trace()

in pylons
import nose;
nosetests --nocapture --with-pylons=test.ini
from comments in:
python nosetests
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The Docutils Publisher
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restructured text is part of the docutils library

in that library, there are scripts to do conversions in examples:

#2008.07.06 11:43:02 ubuntu@ubuntu:~
sudo easy_install docutils

# EASY-INSTALL-SCRIPT: 'docutils==0.4',''
__requires__ = 'docutils==0.4'
import pkg_resources
pkg_resources.run_script('docutils==0.4', '')

cd /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/docutils-0.4-py2.5.egg/docutils/

from docutils.core import publish_cmdline, default_description

description = ('Generates HTML from standalone reStructuredText '
'sources (for testing purposes). ' + default_description)

publish_cmdline(writer_name='html', description=description)

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