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To run your script from the Finder you have two options:

* Drag it to PythonLauncher
* Select PythonLauncher as the default application to open your script (or any .py script) through the finder Info window and double-click it. PythonLauncher has various preferences to control how your script is launched. Option-dragging allows you to change these for one invocation, or use its Preferences menu to change things globally.

for other operating systems, it should be reasonably easy to make an icon that launches the script

this also looked like a good solution for making executables:

Pyglet is available at:

I download the latest distribution and put it:

sudo python develop

the documentation included with pyglet is fantastic

the html docs start at:
( CopyAllUrls will not load local (file:///) links )

Docs are also available online:
pyglet Documentation Index
Programming Guide
pyglet API reference

also [2009.12.04 17:31:26]
other related files for notes:

examples are a great place to start. they are located at:
cd /c/downloads/python/pyglet-1.1.3/examples

#other sample files:

#this is a good file for getting a window to show up using only pyglet:
#try running it via command line! should see a white window

#this demo is based off of simplui:

also [2011.03.07 14:21:47]
to use a different branch:

cd /c/downloads/python-testing/
hg clone pyglet-cocoa
cd pyglet-cocoa
#to switch to cocoa-port:
hg update cocoa-port

sudo python develop
#this makes pyglet version from version control live