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I usually don't remember the syntax for HTML forms. Inevitably, when I'm starting a project, I need to go look up the basics. Then, I usually reuse the template that I come up with and don't look back. Here are some notes on those basics...

There is a python module, webhelpers, that will help in generating form markup:

This also turns out to be a good reference for common html tags, even if you don't want to generate them:

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bespin is now called skywriter

don't forget to look in /c/technical/web/template/js
for actual javascript libraries that have been downloaded and stored locally.

having difficulty finding documentation for offline browsing for jquery libraries...
but at least they're available
can try this way

One of my favorites:

see free_design/index.html

make that:

see /c/technical/general/websites-static.txt

how to load a script and then go in to interactive mode with python:
python -i