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Building Cocoa GUIs in Python with PyObjC, Part Four - Jul 4, 2008
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PyObjC/PyObjC Core - Understanding existing PyObjC examples
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NSAutoreleasePool Class Reference
AppleScript ObjC - Temperature Converter Demo
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WebHome < MLT < MLT Wiki
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looks like cocoa branch has been merged with trunk
hg clone pyglet-trunk
cd pyglet-trunk
sudo python develop


main notes for working with audio video data with python,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=46d4fac9fac222e1
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the pycon talks that look interesting:

many many windows open... time to clean up:

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Developing Applications with the QuickTime for Cocoa Kit
Mac OS X Reference Library
Cocoa Application Tutorial: Introduction to Cocoa Application Tutorial
Learning Objective-C: A Primer
QTKit Application Tutorial: Creating a Simple QTKit Media Player Application
Movie Overlay: ReadMe.txt
Developing Applications With The QuickTime For Cocoa Kit
Using the QTKit Framework
QTMovie Class Reference
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Playing movies with QTMovieView - MacRumors Forums
MacScripter / QTMovieVIew
QTMovieView Class Reference

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iOS Dev Center - Apple Developer
Mac OS X Technology Overview: Introduction to Mac OS X Technology Overview
Mac OS X Technology Overview: Graphics and Multimedia Technologies
OpenGL Programming Guide for Mac OS X: About OpenGL for Mac OS X
OpenGL Programming Guide for Mac OS X: Drawing to the Full Screen
Cocoa Fundamentals Guide: What Is Cocoa?
Ruby and Python Programming Topics for Mac OS X: Introduction to Ruby and Python Programming Topics for Mac OS X
The Objective-C Programming Language: Introduction to The Objective-C Programming Language
QTKit Application Tutorial: Creating a Simple QTKit Media Player Application
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QTKit Framework Reference
Resource Programming Guide: Image, Sound, and Video Resources
Resource Programming Guide: Nib Files
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Using PyObjC for Developing Cocoa Applications with Python
PyObjC - A python<->Objective-C Bridge
PyObjC - A python<->Objective-C Bridge PyObjC: pyobjc-dev
PyObjC Examples
Examples for Cocoa
Examples for InstantMessage
Examples for ScreenSaver
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PyGUI - Overview
PyGUI - Screenshots
PyOpenGL -- The Python OpenGL Binding
Installing (and Building) PyOpenGL
Python Package Index : PyOpenGL 3.0.1
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Quicktime examples:
MPMoviePlayerController Class Reference
 » Development » PyObjC » trunk » pyobjc » pyobjc-framework-QTKit » PyObjCTest » Python Open Source
Koders Code Search: - Python - GPL
PyObjC Hello World :
AppleScriptObjC Release Notes
Psykinematix: Visual Psychophysics Made Easy on Mac OS X
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cocoa without interface builder:
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NSWindow Class Reference