much progress was made with the wxPython library this week. It is a very nice library to work with. No need to design custom widgets... most of the ones you need are there.

One important gotcha... when laying things out, use Sizers, not LayoutConstraints. They achieve the same effect, but LayoutConstraints are depricated. (For layout constraint examples, you can check the history of Deleting those now though)

A few starting template scripts were created in:

The best one to start with is probably:

For a good introduction to a minimal application that can be made fullscreen:

Is a good example of a full application. I have a workable solution to hotkeys in that. (Just bind to a button), but it may not be completely ideal.

Finally, some references that were very useful were:
-the demo application
-the api documentation

Hopefully this will serve as a good foundation for building other native user interfaces. Good luck!



wxFrame has a ShowFullScreen method
strips all border decorations and buttons
(False restores original frame)

frame.ShowFullScreen(True, style=wx.FULLSCREEN_ALL)

list of partial style options:

Basic wxPython application:


shows a basic window

on unix, just installed with an 'apt-get install wxpython'

moving on to how to use it.

There are many great demos, samples and documentation applications available.
This is a good place to start looking around, to see how things run.

also a decent tutorial at: