these libraries look promising for making CSS more manageable:

I think I came across less being used with other javascript library... backbone.js.

looking into SVGfig... python library to help with SVG generation

sudo easy_install reportlab

sudo easy_install mako

sudo easy_install sphinx

sudo easy_install beautifulsoup

Old notes taken from:

#2010.05.04 15:28:49 pil archive
for the original library, this works best:

do this after libjpeg install

sudo easy_install pip


sudo pip install

can test and verify installation with:
cd /c/scripts
python notice_world.jpg 100

#2009.01.21 10:13:12 imaging pil
The other component that you will need to install is the Python Imaging Library (often abbreviated as PIL).

Binaries for windows are available at the main site. Binary packages are much easier to install than from source.

For Mac OS X you can use ports, or find a binary package like the following:
This also requires the 2.5 version of Python from (The one distributed with Leopard won't work)

See also:


#2009.01.21 10:23:06 virtualenv
If you are on a shared system, Virtual Env may help isolate your Python instance from other Python instances on the system.

#2010.04.19 15:32:01 mercurial
mercurial is usually installed earlier in the process...
it is needed before other python libraries
make sure you have it, and if not, install it now

also [2009.06.22 09:08:16]
notes for this are elsewhere
but this is also a good time to install mercurial
easy_install mercurial

on Mac OS X this does require Xcode to be up to date
(can still download an executable for mac)

if freetype2 support in PIL is important to you, get that now too

might try Pillow this time around...
see if it's any easier

sudo easy_install pillow

test with:
import PIL

(may need to update a few scripts to use "import PIL" instead of "import Image"


consider browser configurations:

Download and compile the latest libjpeg library: (be sure Xcode is set up first)

export VERSION=8d
#curl > /tmp/libjpeg.tar.gz
#curl > /tmp/libjpeg.tar.gz
curl$VERSION.tar.gz > ~/Downloads/libjpeg.tar.gz

tar -xzvf ~/Downloads/libjpeg.tar.gz
cd jpeg-$VERSION

sudo make install

cd ../
sudo rm -rf jpeg-$VERSION

PIL (Pillow)

The Python Imaging Library is a tricky beast to get set up on systems where it is not included by default.

If you plan to make more than one system account, consider setting up a default account first to use to propigate (blank) settings. See:

clone any other personal repositories as needed

hg clone /media/CONTEXT/mindstream /c/mindstream

cd /c/moments
sudo python develop

cd /c/mindstream
sudo python develop

Set good place for first few terminals to open (where emacs lines up)

also [2010.04.19 15:52:25]
open two terminals
Window->Save Windows as Group
default window group
select "use window group when Terminal starts"

be sure to check in and sync any changes you've made to this document on the USB before cloning locally.

cd /path/to/USB
hg stat
hg ci -m "changes to mac os x configuration notes"
cd /c/technical/
hg pull /path/to/USB
hg update

System Preferences -> Security & Privacy:
Allow applications downloaded from:
Ctrl-Click -> Open
to bypass Gatekeeper and Signed Applications

Space have been merged with Mission Control (option-up or F3)
to add a new Space, open Mission Control, then hover in the upper right corner to see a "+" to add a new space

System Preferences -> Keyboard:
disable Ctrl-arrows to navigate between spaces in Mission Control.
this interferes with Emacs
Option-arrows is a better choice (and doesn't appear to have any conflicts)

these days macs no longer come with optical media for os installations
I believe the system is smart enough to download and install a fresh instance for you, should you wipe the system clean.

but to be safe, it's always good to take an image of the machine at different stages of installation
that way you can always revert back to an original state.

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jquery move element - Google Search
moving elements with jquery - Stack Overflow
Edit this Fiddle - jsFiddle