I solve problems with computers. Usually this involves writing software of some form or another. These days I prefer writing code in python and javascript.

My open source projects are available on bitbucket here:


I also have a few things on github here:


This site is my collection of technical resources. Most of the time these are just links or quick notes, but every now and again there is something more refined. I have been taking notes for a while, and I hope someone else may find them useful. The internet is weird that way, right?

Here are some of the more polished notes that I have:

  1. Learn to learn. (take good notes! search!)
  2. backup, Backup, BACKUP!!!
  3. Use open source software.
  4. Websites/Internet 101
  5. Operating Systems 101
  6. Version Control
  7. Programming 101
  8. Create/Share/Publish ( keep it simple! )
  9. Security 101
  10. Hardware 101

All the best,