Re: how to rename a pylons app?

Jonathan Vanasco
Wed, 24 Sep 2008 08:20:09 -0700

I've had to do this before...

you'll want to rename the appropriate files / directories , and then
replace all the module name instances in your project

ie: if your project is named ASDFGHJK , then you'll need to rename:

then do a s/ASDFGHJK/? on the files

there are lots of
from ASDFGHJK import

if you're using a mac, TextWrangler has a great find/replace function
that works on directories

if you're using subversion for version control, i generaly like to do
it like this:
1- rename files
2- commit
3- find/replace text
4- commit

if you're using git or mercurial, i think you can do the commits in
one step. svn needs them in two though.

see also dreamhost pylons-deploy.txt
paster server apache - Google Search
Paste Script — Paste Script v1.6.3 documentation
Deployment Chapter (Pylons Book)

paster serve --stop-daemon
paster make-config "SimpleSite==0.3.0" production.ini
paster make-config "ffm" production.ini

this picks up where installation leaves off

overlap is in starting server:

paster serve --reload development.ini

figure out how to run server as a daemon
pass --deamon to paster serve:
paster serve --daemon --reload development.ini
paster serve --daemon --reload production.ini