have been happy using svgfig for python and svg integration

requested [2011.02.19 12:00:25] todo 20110216
python to svg library

finished a first draft of browser extension for chrome
went ahead and published it just to get it out there.

requested [2012.11.18 11:28:58]
browser plugin for routing links
should override right click when active
allow up to 8 options in cardinal directions
(more as standard right click list)

also [2012.11.29 17:57:38]
moving directional menu idea to extension todo list, but not sure that it will be necessary

testing should be very helpful
I like the approach of urllib tests for JSON requests and responses
easy enough to create and verify that way

requested [2011.01.28 08:52:15]
just use a basic urllib2 script for testing
since we're not always getting full results (nor are the forms obvious)

requested [2011.01.26 19:38:37]
look up test notes
(merged with communicate?)

requested [2011.01.26 19:35:28]
write a super simple jquery script
callable from the web
with test functions for scorelogger app
that way those won't need to change so often
and functionality can be tested.

could also use any form of other testing: windmill, other simplified python scripts
that way will know if the app server is behaving correctly or if the client is behaving correctly

requested [2011.01.18 11:43:13]
look into status of Pyglet and Cocoa / Objective C
also [2011.01.24 14:55:14]
recent thread (today) on pyglet-users on updating...
sounds like there are some issues with PyObjC bridge itself... not able to go full screen(!)

finished on friday
requested [2010.03.09 09:42:31] todo 20100309
get audio recording to work as an event dispatcher

not emacs... mac laptop
it is currently named subcircuit, need to rename it to python
switched into this mode... see todo's there for further detail [link in]