see also py2app.txt

looks like cxfreeze is the most cross platform and up to date, more so than py2exe.
trying it first.

download the installer from the site:

be sure to set the path on windows correctly:
“C:\PythonXX\Scripts” and “C:\PythonXX\” so...

cxfreeze --target-dir dirName

print "Hello world" doesn't stay on the screen long enough...
better to do some form of file operation

cxfreeze --target-dir output --base-name Win32GUI --include-modules atexit,PySide.QtNetwork

On Windows, note that the —icon yourapptaskgroup.ico parameter will insert the icon into the final executable: yourapp.exe,. This will be the icon that represents a task bar group that is a stack of applications (and not an individual application). To implement application icons, add statements in your Python PySide code that use the setWindowIcon method. (Yes, this ALSO must be done.)

--icon yourapptaskgroup.ico