starting a new application is a tricky process for me.

especially the Interface parts:

Pyglet is available at:

I download the latest distribution and put it:

sudo python develop

the documentation included with pyglet is fantastic

the html docs start at:
( CopyAllUrls will not load local (file:///) links )

Docs are also available online:
pyglet Documentation Index
Programming Guide
pyglet API reference

also [2009.12.04 17:31:26]
other related files for notes:

examples are a great place to start. they are located at:
cd /c/downloads/python/pyglet-1.1.3/examples

#other sample files:

#this is a good file for getting a window to show up using only pyglet:
#try running it via command line! should see a white window

#this demo is based off of simplui:

also [2011.03.07 14:21:47]
to use a different branch:

cd /c/downloads/python-testing/
hg clone pyglet-cocoa
cd pyglet-cocoa
#to switch to cocoa-port:
hg update cocoa-port

sudo python develop
#this makes pyglet version from version control live
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