consider browser configurations:

If you plan to make more than one system account, consider setting up a default account first to use to propigate (blank) settings. See:

clone any other personal repositories as needed

hg clone /media/CONTEXT/mindstream /c/mindstream

cd /c/moments
sudo python setup.py develop

cd /c/mindstream
sudo python setup.py develop

Set good place for first few terminals to open (where emacs lines up)

also [2010.04.19 15:52:25]
open two terminals
Window->Save Windows as Group
default window group
select "use window group when Terminal starts"

be sure to check in and sync any changes you've made to this document on the USB before cloning locally.

cd /path/to/USB
hg stat
hg ci -m "changes to mac os x configuration notes"
cd /c/technical/
hg pull /path/to/USB
hg update

System Preferences -> Security & Privacy:
Allow applications downloaded from:
Ctrl-Click -> Open
to bypass Gatekeeper and Signed Applications

Space have been merged with Mission Control (option-up or F3)
to add a new Space, open Mission Control, then hover in the upper right corner to see a "+" to add a new space

System Preferences -> Keyboard:
disable Ctrl-arrows to navigate between spaces in Mission Control.
this interferes with Emacs
Option-arrows is a better choice (and doesn't appear to have any conflicts)

these days macs no longer come with optical media for os installations
I believe the system is smart enough to download and install a fresh instance for you, should you wipe the system clean.

but to be safe, it's always good to take an image of the machine at different stages of installation
that way you can always revert back to an original state.


get any packages that are not included by default for Python:
(things like PIL, nose, etc)

rearrange notes if anything would have made it easier to edit these instructions on your new system sooner.

install moments

hg clone http://bitbucket.org/cbrandt/moments /c/moments
#or use a local copy
#hg clone /Volumes/CONTEXT/moments /c/moments

ln -s /c/moments/editors/emacs/.emacs .emacs
ln -s /c/moments/editors/emacs/.emacs.d .emacs.d
ln -s /c/moments/editors/vi/.exrc .exrc

mkdir /c/outgoing

open up your text editor

make a common directory for all User Accounts to use for shared information on the system. I like to use /c :

sudo mkdir /c
cd /c
sudo chmod 777 .

create new clones of any personal mercurial repositories.
hg clone /media/CONTEXT/technical /c/technical

cp /c/technical/.bashrc .bash_profile
source .bash_profile

change location for weather on dashboard

Breathe. :)

Download the main applications you need.
This is a good chance to get updated versions of everything

Make sure wireless network is enabled and connected.
Register your computer if your network requires it.

Change Desktop Background
(Ctl-Click on desktop for option)
For Default I prefer Solid Gray Dark... can always customize later in other instances.

Go through and answer the standard questions for Setup. These should be self explanatory.


To run your script from the Finder you have two options:

* Drag it to PythonLauncher
* Select PythonLauncher as the default application to open your script (or any .py script) through the finder Info window and double-click it. PythonLauncher has various preferences to control how your script is launched. Option-dragging allows you to change these for one invocation, or use its Preferences menu to change things globally.


for other operating systems, it should be reasonably easy to make an icon that launches the script

this also looked like a good solution for making executables:

System Preferences -> Sound
uncheck play user interface sound effects
turn down alert volume

System Preferences -> Dock
Automatically hide and show the Dock

update to the latest xcode
this provides compilers needed for other installations from source code

also [2009.12.15 16:01:14] xcode
3.2.1 only works with 10.6
3.1.4 is the last one that works with leopard 10.5

also [2012.08.10 21:51:56]
Starting with Xcode 4.3 - you must now manually install command line tools from Xcode menu > Preferences > Downloads.

when playing back media on mac, make sure you are using a terminal associated with the currently logged in user!!
using a different user will allow the video to show up

create a link from /Volumes to /media to be more compatible with linux scripts:
sudo ln -s /Volumes /media

change Preferences for Terminal
Under Settings
Use Pro, make it Default, and then make sure Pro is used for:
On startup, open: New window with settings: Pro

Making the profile Default will ensure that it applies to new tabs as well.

move any downloaded files to your new Context
mkdir -p /c/downloads/macosx
ls ~/Desktop
ls ~/Downloads
mv ~/Downloads/* /c/downloads/macosx/

and backup to USB for future use:
rsync -av /c/downloads $USBPATH/downloads/

apply any other personal settings to your system

download and install

also [2012.10.02 19:52:48]
use homebrew to install aspell
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSkL raw.github.com/mxcl/homebrew/go)"

brew install aspell --lang=en


download mercurial
install mercurial
open Terminal
which hg

Create a default .hgrc file:
vi ~/.hgrc

username = Firstname Lastname
ui.report_untrusted = False

This can be overridden on a repository by repository basis with the file:

Open System Preferences
in Date & Time:
enable Set date & time automatically
choose timezone
use 24-hour clock

System Preferences -> Users & Groups:
Click the lock to make changes.
Login Options
Automatic Login: Off
Show fast user switching menu as: Icon

also [2009.06.21 10:57:11]
Disable guest account

Check for software updates
this can take a while to download

System Preferences -> Sharing
change machine name

also [2010.04.16 13:34:19]
Mac OS X Install Notes:
It's that time again. Maybe you have a brand new computer (yay!), maybe you updated the operating system, or maybe it's just time to do some spring cleaning. Either way...

Start with a fresh install of the operating system.

If this is a system with an existing and used operating system in place, I prefer to wipe the drive completely for that "fresh install" feeling. Having install move the previously installed system to "Previous Systems" does not clean everything up. If you want to keep it around, it is better to move it to an archive drive of sorts. Do that now if you haven't already.