thinking about javascript based moments library again

working on creating a javascript based port of the moments module

i like the approach of require.js for modular code in python

oscillating between coffeescript, pyjs, and just straight javascript.
functions with variable number of arguments are cumbersome with straight javascript
i think that might lead to the point where development must be done with a local server rather than a local file... this might be the same issue as pyjs though...

text edit really does work without having installed emacs, or any other packages besides base ubuntu and python settings

install moments

hg clone /c/moments
#or use a local copy
#hg clone /Volumes/CONTEXT/moments /c/moments

ln -s /c/moments/editors/emacs/.emacs .emacs
ln -s /c/moments/editors/emacs/.emacs.d .emacs.d
ln -s /c/moments/editors/vi/.exrc .exrc

mkdir /c/outgoing

open up your text editor