text edit really does work without having installed emacs, or any other packages besides base ubuntu and python settings

unfortunate that pyglet application runs so heavily...
and that should be with an event loop tuned not to do that... hm.

working on gui for launcher
would like to have a server built in
for gui and server to run in same thread, server needs to be non-blocking
standard socket servers don't work this way

on to something asynchronous
pyglet's standard loop works with callbacks, thus is somewhat asynchronous

this is a nice description of different asynchronous servers in python:

found with:

looks like cocoa branch has been merged with trunk
hg clone pyglet-trunk
cd pyglet-trunk
sudo python develop

requested [2011.01.18 11:43:13]
look into status of Pyglet and Cocoa / Objective C
also [2011.01.24 14:55:14]
recent thread (today) on pyglet-users on updating...
sounds like there are some issues with PyObjC bridge itself... not able to go full screen(!)


download the cocoa-port branch for pyglet
investigate differences
view approaches for opening a window context there.

also [2011.01.25 14:47:53]
hg clone pyglet-cocoa
cd pyglet-cocoa
#to switch to cocoa-port:
hg update cocoa-port

Python /c/moments/moments/scripts/ /c/downloads/python-testing/pyglet-cocoa/ /c/downloads/python-testing/pyglet-hg/

mkdir -p /c/downloads/python/
cd /c/downloads/python/
hg clone pyglet
cd pyglet
sudo python develop (or install)

finished on friday
requested [2010.03.09 09:42:31] todo 20100309
get audio recording to work as an event dispatcher

Pyglet is available at:

I download the latest distribution and put it:

sudo python develop

the documentation included with pyglet is fantastic

the html docs start at:
( CopyAllUrls will not load local (file:///) links )

Docs are also available online:
pyglet Documentation Index
Programming Guide
pyglet API reference

also [2009.12.04 17:31:26]
other related files for notes:

examples are a great place to start. they are located at:
cd /c/downloads/python/pyglet-1.1.3/examples

#other sample files:

#this is a good file for getting a window to show up using only pyglet:
#try running it via command line! should see a white window

#this demo is based off of simplui:

also [2011.03.07 14:21:47]
to use a different branch:

cd /c/downloads/python-testing/
hg clone pyglet-cocoa
cd pyglet-cocoa
#to switch to cocoa-port:
hg update cocoa-port

sudo python develop
#this makes pyglet version from version control live

no generalized notes for using pyglet
granted the documentation included with pyglet is fantastic
should still be some reference to where to look first
which parts are best
and where those docs live if downloaded locally.

notes are also scattered about in various scripts and libraries.
need to distill lessons learned

also [2011.01.25 15:23:09]
#this has general introduction, instructions, etc
originally: [2009.12.04 17:33:08]

remember that colors are (usually) specified as floating point numbers with values between 0 and 1.0
pyglet colors - Google Search
Stretching pyglet's Wings
Drawing a grid (with lines) - pyglet-users | Google Groups

local files do not work with copyAllUrls

when playing back media on mac, make sure you are using a terminal associated with the currently logged in user!!
using a different user will allow the video to show up

pygame developers strongly discourage using QT, wxWindows mixed with pygame... might be able to get away with it in pyglet, but still have the two event loop issues.
pygame gui - Google Search
pygame - python game development

seems like multitouch may need it's own category... not sure where it should live yet.

be sure to add in a way to exit the program if you enable fullscreen mode!
will lock out everything else if you don't!!
hehe... oops

investigating the "Observer Pattern" used in the event framework for pyglet
very similar to asynchronous
pyglet gui - Google Search
irskep's pyflipcard at master - GitHub
Entity Crisis: The Embedded GUI, continued...
Richard Jones' Log
pyglet - Google Code
pyglet-users | Google Groups
GUI - pyglet-users | Google Groups
pyglet experimental gui - pyglet-users | Google Groups
My simple GUI library for Pyglet - pyglet-users | Google Groups
Using Pyglet in a rich GUI - pyglet-users | Google Groups
controling a pyglet window from a gui program - pyglet-users | Google Groups
pyglet ui toolkit (maybe a mini-sprint here at pycon?) - pyglet-users | Google Groups
normal python widgets and pyglet - pyglet-users | Google Groups
DESIGN - pyglet - Google Code
Simple Menu Class - pyglet-users | Google Groups
Pages - pyglet-users | Google Groups

some issues with images in pyglet
if they are too big, they seem to cause problems... maybe bigger than display?

theory supported by:
pyglet images bigger than window - Google Search
direct drawing into a texture - pyglet-users | Google Groups

files for pyglet that handle vsync:

opengl vertical retrace - Google Search
Synchronizing Xvideo to the vertical retrace
opengl vertical refresh - Google Search
Technical Q&A QA1521: Synchronizing OpenGL rendering updates to the vertical refresh of the display
OpenGL @ Lighthouse 3D - GLUT Tutorial
opengl vblank - Google Search
OpenGL sync to vblank and interlaced fields - nV News Forums
Temporal Rate Conversion by Dave Marsh - Google Search
Temporal Rate Conversion: Dave Marsh. Microsoft Technical Evangelist, TV and Video
pyglet swap interval - Google Search
pyglet set_vsync - Google Search
opengl agl - Google Search
AGL Reference
AGL Reference

By default pyglet window buffer swaps are synchronised to the display refresh
rate, so you may also want to disable `set_vsync`.

: topics
: pyglet.txt
pyglet Documentation Index
Programming Guide
pyglet API reference
Writing a pyglet application
Hello, World
Calling functions periodically
User-editable text
Controlling playback
Playing sounds and music
Image viewer
Loading resources

: pyglet.txt
cocos2d-iphone - Google Code
cocos2d FAQ
los-cocos - Revision 853: /branches/pycon-lighting-talk
GamesUsingCocos2d - cocos2d-iphone - Games using cocos2d for iPhone ordered chronologically (newer games first) - Google Code

spent a few hours last night running through the examples included with pyglet. very cool stuff!

python /media/CHARLES/outgoing/MVI_8486.AVI

that is a good first test to make sure AVBin is installed locally
(have added to media/system/
opengl redbook - Google Search
OpenGL - The Industry Standard for High Performance Graphics
What's New in the Latest Version of OpenGL
OpenGL 2.1 Reference Pages
The OpenGL Reference Manual - The Bluebook
The OpenGL Programming Guide - The Redbook
blender opengl - Google Search
OpenGL Programming Guide : Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - OpenGL Programming Guide
Appendix J - OpenGL Programming Guide
Nehe Lessons 1 10 - pyglet-users | Google Groups
NeHe's OpenGL - Google Search
NeHe Productions: OpenGL Lessons
NeHe Productions: OpenGL Lesson #01 Unsupported RIFF form "AVI "

make sure avbin has been installed on the system

#2009.04.06 11:45:36 work@140-182-132-176:/c/virtuals/pyglet/pyglet-1.1.3/examples
pythonw /c/media/projects/IMG_8116_l.JPG
pyglet virtualenv - Google Search
pyglet and virtualenv
Re: broken egg for pyglet
Bruce the Presentation Tool 2.0 (beta)
Window manager is not available. Ensure you run "pythonw", not "python" - Google Search
Python for Astrostatistics - Mac OS X Installation
virtualenv pythonw - Google Search
gldnspud's virtualenv-pythonw-osx at master - GitHub
virtualenv on OS X with pythonw - virtualenv | Google Groups
No pythonw on OSX? - virtualenv | Google Groups
Search results for virtualenv pythonw - MarkMail
I just ran across this issue when trying to use pyglet in a virtual environment on Mac OS X. The message from pyglet was:
pyglet.window.carbon.CarbonException: Window manager is not available. Ensure you run "pythonw", not "python"

which lead me to a more recent thread:

which has a fix at:

I haven't tried the fix yet, but I thought I might send it on to see if it is something that should be included with virtualenv. It's not so much about supporting older versions of python, just being able to use pythonw from a virtualenv.


On May 16 2008, 3:12 pm, Ian Bicking wrote:
> dmp wrote:
> > On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 2:27 PM, Ian Bicking > > > wrote:
> > dmp wrote:
> > > Using virtualenv 1.0 I created a virtual environment, installed
> > an app
> > > that tries to open a GUI dialog, and keep getting the following
> > message:
> > > This program needs access to the screen. Please run with 'pythonw',
> > > not 'python', and only when you are logged in on the main display of
> > > your Mac.
> > > Is there a fix for this yet? I (naively) tried copying the pythonw
> > > executable to the virtualenv bin directory but that didn't work. A
> > > google search turned up only one useful hit -- from a couple
> > months ago
> > > where Robert Kern indicated he had a patch that would fix this. Is
> > > there a plan to get that into virtualenv at all?
> > I don't see that patch, do you know where it is?
> > I can't believe I didn't at least provide the link to the archived
> > message from Robert. Here it is:
> >
> > I'm not sure he ever finished / submitted it. I can ask him tomorrow
> > about it though.
> Was there a followup for this? The email describes a fairly complicated
> solution, so I'm not sure what to do about it. Supporting older
> versions of Python isn't a huge concern in every situation, I think,
> because the idea of virtualenv is isolation so that everything doesn't
> have to be run on the same set of libraries or Python version. So if
> things work okay on Python 2.4 that would be good enough for me. A
> warning for users would be nice, but I'm not really sure what's going on
> here.
> --
> Ian Bicking : :

avbin is used by default in pyglet
some discussion about the use of gstreamer in pyglet

gstreamer interface reported to be complex.

downloaded source, docs and avbin to USB
attempting install for linux

sudo bash

sudo python install

bruce uses pyglet to display slides via open gl... this works full screen