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#2010.05.04 15:28:49 pil archive
for the original library, this works best:

do this after libjpeg install

sudo easy_install pip


sudo pip install http://effbot.org/downloads/Imaging-1.1.6.tar.gz

can test and verify installation with:
cd /c/scripts
python image_resize.py notice_world.jpg 100

#2009.01.21 10:13:12 imaging pil
The other component that you will need to install is the Python Imaging Library (often abbreviated as PIL).


Binaries for windows are available at the main site. Binary packages are much easier to install than from source.

For Mac OS X you can use ports, or find a binary package like the following:
This also requires the 2.5 version of Python from python.org. (The one distributed with Leopard won't work)

See also:


#2009.01.21 10:23:06 virtualenv
If you are on a shared system, Virtual Env may help isolate your Python instance from other Python instances on the system.

#2010.04.19 15:32:01 mercurial
mercurial is usually installed earlier in the process...
it is needed before other python libraries
make sure you have it, and if not, install it now

also [2009.06.22 09:08:16]
notes for this are elsewhere
but this is also a good time to install mercurial
easy_install mercurial

on Mac OS X this does require Xcode to be up to date
(can still download an executable for mac)