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requested [2010.03.09 09:42:31] todo 20100309
get audio recording to work as an event dispatcher

fairly exhaustive search of the options available for recording audio with python.
csounds python - Google Search
CSound, Python, wxPython programs |
Csound Journal
Recording audio in python | Maemo | Developers
Sound synthesis with Csound
Easy Project - Home of the Maemo community - Intro: Software Platform
D-bus - Google Search - Software/dbus - IntroductionToDBus
PythonInMusic - PythonInfo Wiki
The MusicKit V5.6.2
SndObj Library Homepage
pythoneon, du son à la partition
OpenExposition: Main Page
Applications that use PortAudio
Computer Music Links by Phil Burk
Home | SFLphone - SIP/IAX2 softphone and VoIP client for GNU Linux
Mixxx | Free Digital DJ Software
August Black
video player - Google Search
Miro | Video Player | Free video and audio podcast player and torrent client.