#sphinx needs this, along with some static site generators (charlesbrandt.com)
sudo pip install docutils

sometimes it is useful to add a path to the Python path to find a module that you don't want to install system wide:

import os, sys

#add parent's parent directory to path to find module if not installed

This is especially useful for unit tests if the module is not installed system wide:

Drag and Drop using Knockout and HTML5

References for Drag and Drop using Knockout have improved dramatically over the last 8 months. It looks like many of these have been around for a while, but the search results have improved, making them more accessible.

I found this post useful:

Especially this fiddle:

This also looks like a well refined binding:

complete with a nice demo:

Still many of the results depend on JQuery UI integration, but Knockout and HTML5 and these approaches make it much easier to handle drag and drop without limiting yourself to JQuery UI approaches.

see also:

This is a great comparison of the different python centric webservers available:

and gevent
all come out on top

although Apache + mod_wsgi is really good too!!

start_time = time.time()
print time.time() - start_time, "seconds"

cd /c/mindstream
sudo python setup.py develop

often useful to watch for file changes and restart a server in response, or recompile some CSS.

Many servers will detect changes automatically and apply changes accordingly.

Bottle is not one that will.

Python's Watchdog looks like a nice system:

See also: