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Need a computer? This is a great place to start.

Getting started

  • Choose your hardware
  • Choose your operating system
  • Choose any services


There are many types of Pi computers. Choose the one that best fits your project's use case. At a minimum you'll need:

  • Raspberry Pi Computer
  • Power Supply
  • Memory Card

I also often like a power switch if the device will not be powered on all of the time.

TODO: hardware lists and references


power supplies

In addition to a good power supply it's important to make sure you have a good powered usb hub before attempting to connect peripherals. Even a wired usb keyboard and mouse can be too much for a pi zero, I've found.


A server should have more memory available.

32GB is good for a server installation.

64GB is good to use for a camera installation. (TODO: confirm pi zero can create a file system that big. Should work).

Operating System

OS Selection & Installation

Once you've got your system install, it's time to configure what the system runs: Ubuntu

Projects Using Pi



Time clock

aka a Digital Time Keeping System

TimeTrack Raspberry Pi | timetrack

City-of-Bloomington/timetrack: Digital time keeping system with both a web-based calendar entry and a kiosk based badge entry interface

Media server

Run docker to allow multiple services on the same server.

Docker image for plex somewhere?


Hardware Details