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Pi Cameras


Choose the right sensor for the job.

If you're setting up a security camera and you want to take photos at night, you'll want the NOIR filter version... The version with No Infra-red Filter. That way it reacts to any IR lights you set up.

If you're working inside with reliable lighting, choose a HQ Camera module for the best quality photos. 12MP goodness. 😃 The High Quality camera module is really nice!



  • Raspberry Pi Zero + Wireless

Be sure to get the converter cable! (usually sold separately, sometimes available as part of the case package)

So far I really like the kit that comes with everything you need (and nothing you don't need) from Vilros.

Seems like all of the pi cases block access to the sim card maybe that makes them more weather proof?

also need some 1/4" nut attachments (epoxy plus wood?)