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Ubuntu ‚Äč

which git
sudo apt-get install git
which git
sudo apt-get install git

Apply Gnome 3 settings (for things like trackpad settings, screen brightness, etc)

Change the Terminal background.

  • Preferences -> Profiles -> Unnamed -> Colors"
  • Uncheck "Use colors from system theme"
  • Set the default terminal height to be the full height of your desktop
    (Initial terminal size)

Change the desktop background. (right-click on the desired image in a file explorer and choose "Set as Desktop Background.")

Launch and configure your browser

Launch the System Monitor. Select to see all processes.

Install a password manager

sudo apt install keepassxc
sudo apt install keepassxc

Generate ssh-keys
Install an ssh server if you plan to connect to the machine remotely

Clone any repositories that you plan to make use of locally

Install your preferred editor

Install and configure tmux

If the system requires a static IP, update that now. network

Install Docker / Docker-compose

Install other applications, as needed.