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Linting helps everyone agree on a style to use across projects

Are you attached to semi-colons at the end of the line? Linting can help make sure they're always there.


Sometimes it is necessary to ignore some rules. You're making an informed decision to go against the project's recommendation. Sometimes that is necessary.

Following summarized via:

disable individual lint rules using

const res = eval('42'); // eslint-disable-line no-eval

The // eslint-disable-line comment disables the no-eval rule for just that line.

You can also disable the no-eval rule for an entire function block by using /* eslint-disable */.

function usesEval() {
  /* eslint-disable no-eval */
  const res = eval('42');
  const res2 = eval('test');

  return res2 + res;

If you put /* eslint-disable no-eval */ before any code in a .js file, that will disable the no-eval rule for the entire file.

TODO: Confirm - Only following code block? Or whole file?

You can also disable all ESLint rules by putting /* eslint-disable */ at the top of a file.