An open source operating system for mobile devices.


Documenting android setup processes happens mostly in the form of screenshots when a new device is set up.

Download and configure core applications:


Termux termux

Firefox Sound Recorder

Haptic Feedback for Keyboard

disabled haptic feedback for keyboard input

found setting in settings -> system -> languages & input -> virtual keyboard -> gboard -> preferences

enable long press for symbols.

right handed mode makes the keys smaller, but there is less distance to travel. i know one handed is slower, but i find it difficult to hold the phone otherwise

also change theme to dark ... ahhh so much better. enable glide typing? seems to be disabled in termux?

todo: way to customize the characters available on a virtual keyboard? an arrow key would be nice (i.e. instead of ->)


The main desktop in android is called a launcher or homescreen.

With Google devices, that launcher is the Google Now launcher. You cannot remove the Google search bar from the homescreens in Google Now. I find that distracting; it's a deal breaker.

So on to other options:

KISS, Trebuchet, and Turbo are the open source launchers on that list. KISS is super minimal and clean... so far I really like it!

To get rid of the green bar at the top, I choose: KISS Settings -> User Interface -> Theme interface -> Transparent theme or Dark transparent theme

It sounds like Trebuchet is based on CM launcher. I like CM the last time I used it.

Turbo looks like it is not being actively maintained. Maybe they have moved on to commercial endeavors?

Nova gets good reviews. Not open source, however. Many other proprietary solutions out there: