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Workspaces ‚Äč

Workspaces are a concept in a desktop user interfaces that allows grouping of related running instances on a visible screen. Workspace managers allow switching between one workspace and another. This is useful when working on different types of tasks on the same system and you want to be able to switch between those tasks seamlessly.

Many different operating systems offer this. Linux has had it for a while. OSX came out with a great implementation. I've heard that Windows even has this option now. (2019.06.28 12:52:52)

The killer feature that I'm currently in search of is the ability to rearrange workspaces after they have already been instantiated with applications. OSX allows this by dragging and dropping in the workspace dashboard view.

This looks like a nice implementation in Gnome 3:

It is possible to reorder by manually moving windows to a new workspace in the correct position.