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rm .bashrc
ln -s ~/public/system/.bashrc .bashrc

Alias vs Functions

interesting discussion came up here:

Which is better, an alias or a function?


dew() {
  docker-compose exec web $@

The $@ part handles passing along all of the function’s arguments. docker-compose shortcut at DuckDuckGo Shortcut command for docker-compose build + down + up - Stack Overflow Docker Tip #26: Alias and Function Shortcuts for Common Commands — Nick Janetakis

See also



Timing a process

just prefix the command you want to time with time!

time ls
time how long a script takes bash at DuckDuckGo
Bash: Calculate how long it takes a script to run - Stack Overflow

Environment Variables

Often need to append to the PATH so a new executable is matched via the CLI. Should not put in .bashrc according to:

I just put it in .bashrc 😛


No need for export if the variable already exists


The history command is a useful way to see what commands have been run recently. If you want to document the steps taken, it helps to remove line numbers first:

history | cut -c 8-


If you need to edit the history data (like if you accidentally pass sensitive information to a command via the CLI -- it happens), you can edit the data directly in either ~/.bash_history or ~/.bash_profile.

The history command can be used to remove a specific line from history:

history -d 1

And if you want to clean the entire history:

history -c


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